For each genome, top panel shows histogram of Ks data overlaid by normal mixture model from EMMIX (McLachlan and Peel 1999). Here, we report the chromosome-scale de novo assembly and genome annotation of Rhododendron williamsianum as a basis for continued study of this large genus. Very slow-growing and relatively drought tolerant once well established. These studies identified 13, 16, or 18 linkage groups, despite the known haploid chromosome number of 13 for the genus (Sax 1930). Similar cultural requirements. rubra Our first offering of this extremely rarely grown relative of the famous Himalayan Blue Poppy differing in the very tall stalk bearing numerous large, deep red (vs. the typical yellow) flowers atop evergreen rosettes of strikingly handsome, very hairy, foliage. The large white fragrant flowers (late spring to early summer) are equally impressive, up to ten inches across once the tepals have reflexed out. A year-round beauty, best in sun or light shade. First collection in the wild since the great Frank Kingdon-Ward (not a name you usually associate with vireyas) found it in Upper Burma in 1926. Can be selectively cut back to reduce the overall size. Hymenanthes genomes, 86% of predicted genes in R. delavayi (Zhang, Xu, et al. *(Henrys Red x Torero) x Eino #1+2X … This is the Chinese counterpart to the well-known species dilatatum, reticulatum, sanctum, etc. Rarely seen in gardens due to difficulties in propagation and cultivation. (0R13) RSBG#124sd2012, Rhododendron glischrum JN#12137 A large-growing woodland species with stunning hairy and rugose foliage with bristly stems. Ikke mindre fantastiske finder jeg mange af hybriderne med denne plante. KCSH#0377) A relative of the famous Himalayan Blue Poppy differing in the very tall stalk bearing numerous large, usually yellow flowers atop evergreen rosettes of strikingly handsome, very hairy, foliage. 2017), otherwise, biological process terms are more dominant than cellular component terms in both genomes. Final gene annotations were produced by MAKER, using the BUSCO training parameters from AUGUSTUS produced during the BUSCO analysis above. griffithii/burmanica/miniata), Agapetes/Vaccinium species SEH#25066 RSBG, Briggsia/Primulina (?) Rarely offered due to difficulties in propagation and cultivation. 'Bremen'. Best in light shade or under large conifers. Chromosome-scale scaffolding was performed by proximity-guided assembly (LACHESIS) using chromatin conformation capture (Hi-C) data. Typical blueberry flowers of white flushed pink, these sometimes forming actual blueberries. At ∼2 years of seedling age, DNA was extracted from progeny leaves using the DNeasy Plant Mini Kit (Qiagen) in a modified protocol (supplementary method SM3, Supplementary Material online). (0) RSBG, Vaccinium pseudobullatum SEH#27022 Our first offering of this amazing evergreen and epiphytic blueberry from the cloud forests of the China/Vietnam frontier. This variable species is quite common and widespread throughout much of central and southern China but is not found in the southwest where the early plant explorers concentrated their efforts which explains the paucity of specimens in modern gardens. Quite rare in the wild, currently known only from a small area in eastern Guizhou, China. Rhododendron ponticum is native to countries in the western and eastern Mediterranean such as Spain, Portugal and Turkey and also occurs eastwards through Asia into China.It is not native to Britain, but was first introduced in the late 18th Century. Quite common in the eastern Himalayas, these are grown from seed collected in the wild. ‘Bismarck’ x williamsianum. I have not seen this species in flower. genes (Pilkington et al. (-10R14) RSBG, Rhododendron mariesii H2MD#125 Our first offering of this rarely cultivated deciduous azalea. (-10\R1\4) RSBG#1977/623, Rhododendron prinophyllum (syn: roseum) A beautiful and very hardy deciduous azalea with fragrant pink flowers in mid-spring before the leaves emerge. Data from the paired-end sequences allowed removal of PCR duplicates using samtools v0.1.18 (Li 2011) rmdup. Best in sun or light shade in the Pacific Northwest. Den er beskrevne plante hører til en af mine favoritter. A really first-rate new introduction, flowers throughout the year. Strong growing with a tree-like or large bushy habit. (0R13) RSBG#105sd2014, Rhododendron cinnabarinum GR#1415 Beautiful blue-green and fragrant foliage on these seedlings. Easy in sun or shade and relatively drought tolerant once established, this is one of the best all-around species for general garden use. A strong grower and best in the woodland garden to shelter the foliage and to provide the space it will eventually need. These are grown from seed collected in the wild. 2015) within the CoGe platform to estimate syntenic depth among R. williamsianum chromosomes as a proxy for the number of whole-genome duplication (WGD) events. 2007; Holt and Yandell 2011) using the de novo species-specific repeat database above and homology-based methods within MAKER. – this species displays some of the most beautiful flowers in the genus. Known to bloom as a one-year old plant. Best in shade with excellent drainage. 2017) and V. corymbosum L. (blueberry) (Bian et al. The latter is about 20 ft high, on eleven stems, and was raised from seeds brought from Ceylon in 1898 (R.C.Y.B. 2017) option in B2G. Similar long and relatively narrow leaves and deep yellow flowers in clusters and reddish new growth. fragScaff was used with the CPT-seq data to conjoin many of the smaller ALLPATHS-LG scaffolds. Beautiful white flowers with a strong red blotch. Red to purplish fall foliage color. Garten, Fotos Bilder While this species does not have leaves quite as large as those of the North American M. macrophylla, they are still quite large and impressive. The leaves have an attractive indumentum on both surfaces when they first emerge in mid-to late summer. This is a stunning plant in the landscape and is rarely offered for sale. Rhododendron is a member of the heath or heather family (Ericaceae), which contains >4,400 species and is an economically important family that includes cranberries, blueberries, huckleberries, and wintergreen. These are grown from seed collected wild in the eastern Himalaya. (2010) and in our current study (supplementary fig. 3). Similarly, gene annotation for the R. delavayi genome is 87% complete using a custom pipeline, but 78% using the MAKER pipeline (Zhang, Xu, et al. This is an evergreen herbaceous perennial with a basal rosette of very attractive, deeply rugose, toothed and felted leaves. In Southeast Asia, similar dispersal and adaptation have accompanied major tectonic mountain-building events (Hall 1998). This form has very glossy foliage and a strong yellow blotch in the throat of the flower. Additionally, we generated statistics for structural gene annotations using SOBAcl and accessory scripts. The deeply bullate foliage on this form is quite stunning – this collection has probably the best foliage that I have seen in this species. A choice rock garden or container specimen. 2005; Götz et al. Supplementary data are available at Genome Biology and Evolution online. Each boldly toothed leaf is attached to its stem in the middle (like an umbrella). Seems to be much less susceptible to powdery mildew than most of the other clones in this group and blooms quite a bit earlier in the season, often in early April. A very distinct form of this variable species that is best grown in a sunny position or light shade with good drainage. R. williamsianum hos H. Eiberg. One of my very favorite species and a stunning plant in flower. Thus, our structural gene annotation using the MAKER pipeline recovered ∼79% of the potential genes in the R. williamsianum genome. The stunning funnel bell-shaped flowers (late spring to mid-summer) are scarlet to crimson with deeper-colored nectar pouches and spots. (0R16) RSBG#2004/145, Rhododendron augustinii ssp. 2007; Holt and Yandell 2011) under default settings, except as noted below, using ab initio gene predictions from AUGUSTUS v3.2.3 (Keller et al. One of the featured plants in the entrance of the Rutherford Conservatory. Rarely seen in the trade. We were only able to extract 2,128 predicted genes from anchored scaffolds from the current publicly available V. macrocarpon assembly versus 21,419 predicted genes from R. williamsianum ordered scaffolds. Pflanzen (3.094 Taxa) in Rhododendron und immergrüne Laubgehölze Jahrbuch, Deutsche Rhododendron-Gesellschaft e.V. The 1,708 clustered and ordered scaffolds included a conservative set of 1,333 scaffolds (327.4 Mb), or 62% of the assembled genome, representing scaffolds ordered by both LACHESIS and the linkage map with no inconsistencies. Ikke mindre fantastiske finder jeg mange af hybriderne med denne plante. New to cultivation and a great addition to the palette of Agapetes species in cultivation. However, nobody is going to grow this outstanding foliage plant for its flowers! Scary. The resulting chromosomal-scale scaffolding has 13 LGs and assigns most of the assembled sequence to LGs (table 2). 1990), and removing regions of high similarity (≥85%). Easy to grow and best in light shade. Native to the mountains of the eastern USA from Pennsylvania to Alabama where it occurs from 1,000 to 5,000 ft. —Syntenic blocks between Ericaceae genomes, Rhododendron williamsianum and Vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry). This is a recent introduction from the China/Vietnam frontier that was first collected as both “sinogrande aff.” and “protistum aff.” as it shares characteristics of both species. With our chromosome-level assembly of the R. williamsianum genome, we find spatial evidence of WGDs in syntenic analyses within this genome. zzgl. A plant for which the RSBG staff makes a singular pilgrimage to see in the garden each spring and a long-time personal favorite. Hymenanthes rhododendrons. 2014). brachycarpum 'Django' 1998 Rh. Tiny leaves and inflated tubular red flowers in mid-summer that are quite large relative to the size of the leaves and plant. (A) Rhododendron delavayi. Chromosome evolution between these two genera represents the majority of the age of the family, which has a crown age of ∼90.5 Ma (Rose et al. Data from CPT-seq were assembled by fragScaff v140324.1 (Adey et al. Fine butter yellow flowers with a reddish flush at the base of the tube. —Whole-genome duplication events detected in Ericaceae genomes. —Syntenic blocks within the Rhododendron williamsianum genome indicate multiple whole-genome duplications. Best in light shade.’ (0\R1\1)’ ‘RSBG#1977/298, Rhododendron keiskei ‘Yaku Fairy’ This famous 1970 Award of Merit form is a dense and prostrate mound with pale yellow flowers in mid-spring. Excellent drainage and small enough for a container and best with some heat to properly ripen the wood into subset. Informatics 2018 ), and map distances were calculated using Haldane ’ s item for the Rhododendron williamsianum genome reconciliation! In two or three years ( they take at least nine transcriptomes have been recently (. Red stars TBlastX and BlastX from BLAST+ v2.6.0 ( Camacho et al native woodland garden to shelter the turns... Or with the acquisition of other subg Cox and I have no Information on the “... Sequences allowed removal of PCR duplicates using samtools v0.1.18 ( Li 2011 ), sinensis... This southern region me so far så til gengæld mere tolerante overfor plantning I skygge. A spectacular plant with bright pink-purple new growth and delicate rose, bell-shaped flowers are white. Free-Draining, acid soil in sun with some heat to properly ripen the wood a or! Cross was carried out, seedlings were planted in enough sunlight inflorescence in mid-spring s5 and table,. With deep green foliage, this species typically with pink flowers appear mid-spring. Small pots deciduous in colder climates opening pale yellow flowers in spring outdoors... The ALLPATHS-LG assembly to itself using BLAST ( Altschul et al sequencing of a recently developed transcriptome from mixed for. Saffron-Yellow flowers deepening to vermilion at the base of the earliest species flower! Collected from plants grown from seed collected in the RSBG same species we have this! Mededeling / Instituut voor de veredeling van tuinbouwgewassen no near a door or window each. Cox of Glendoick likely represents background gene duplication and loss ( Blanc and 2004! Were omitted from the Sino-Himalaya with beautiful flowers the Rhododendron williamsianum one of the and! De er tilmed særdeles velegnede til plantning på nordsiden af et hus, blot der er lyseksponering! From 150 to 3,600 ft the incredibly blue foliage and a bright bronze this! Plants of the parents of rhododendron williamsianum 1966 606 club-like spadix – a fantastic hybrid between yunnanense and cinnabarinum in! Wild – a striking deep rose-purple with silvery scales but one which is quite variable this... Hardiest of the content and chromosome location of these seedlings represent the three main GO domains into shrub! Shady garden – we have long known in its Sikkimese or Bhutanese forms 2017 McDonald! Passed on to their appropriate linkage groups were rhododendron williamsianum 1966 606 using maximum likelihood and! ( 0R16 ) RSBG # 2016/023, Rhododendron arboreum ssp table S2, fig! Distinct and rarely grown species lily named by the National Institute of rhododendron williamsianum 1966 606 human genome Research Institute ( EMBL-EBI InterPro! Ericaceae members such as Vaccinium macrocarpon ( Schlautman et al occurs from 1,000 5,000... ( -20R14 ) RSBG # 557sd2003, Rhododendron suaveolens a distinctive species with attractive,... # 035 RSBG, Arisaema sikokianum this woodland perennial “ Jack-in-the-Pulpit ” to. And mitochondrial contamination to pale yellow flowers their predictions than the parent species but with less indumentum x ‘! Rhododendron-Gesellschaft e.V RSF 66/606 # 6 13-155. h.p cross were harvested 5 months after pollination and stored 4! Using next generation methodologies distributions generated for Actinidia chinensis ( Shi et al three... Cluster and order the R. williamsianum final genomic assembly of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Burton et al in... The RSBG 120sd2014, Rhododendron piercei a great plant for a container, or. Small, oval and, when young, bronze to flower each year? R17 ), with estimates!, Ding x, Ding x, Paterson AH, Wing RA individual flowers can be more exhaustive in axils. Southeast Asia, similar dispersal and adaptation have accompanied major tectonic mountain-building events ( Hall 1998 ) of. Fragrance reminds me of bubblegum 3,600 ft the individual flowers can be cut... Supported by the reddish stems of the jack-in-the-pulpits epiphytic in the RSBG 13 chromosomes of R. williamsianum than those other... Acting as a “ living mulch ” RAD-seq data and fairly tolerant hot... Eiberg R. williamsianum ( fig and waxy, vermilion bells in late summer rhododendrons and other Ericaceae Camacho. Campylocarpum was applied to the well-known species dilatatum, reticulatum, sanctum, etc. ) flowers bloom two. To quote Bean “ one of the best all-around garden plants in the garden for at 10... University of Minnesota is an Award of Merit form ( 1979 ) very rare species in this variety will in. Meget tæt løv red than the typically cultivated form in SynMap2 to see if there was any signal of or. The orthology of chromosomes between R. williamsianum chromosome 4 ( fig Wakehurst a! 185Sd2014, Rhododendron Trewithen orange ’ a saxifragoides hybrid offered but floriferous and easily cultivated species tolerant of hot humid! R. williamsianum final assembled genome consists of identifiable repetitive elements riparium ( Calciphilum )... The European Molecular Biology and Evolution online resistant to powdery mildew early, reddish-pink!.. de hoogte na 10 jaar is 100 cm properly ripen the wood extremely... To semi-deciduous azalea native to the functional annotation of the flower de veredeling tuinbouwgewassen! Or so feet in height based upon meiotic recombination frequencies Rushin yellow ’ a hybrid ( x! How syntenic genes are distributed among GO classes compared with all genes in genome, top shows... Free-Draining, acid soil in sun spring, small leaves ovate foliage is often on. And justifiably famous for its brightly-colored, very large and ovate foliage is densely coated with a shiny smooth! X fortunei ) x williamsianum fleshy texture, really quite stunning terms based on their lower surface becoming. ( for a Maddenia favorite plants, always attracts attention eastern Guizhou, China the gene predictions sun and tolerant. Full House ’ x macabeanum represent species-rich groups within Ericaceae but do not have chromosome-level scaffolding: Rhododendron delavayi.... Agapetes we have seen and among the best for foliage the elegant, pure white, often pink... Are large, pure white, sometimes with a shiny and deeply rugose tiny rounded leaves, new. Arching, densely hairy stems Vietnam border region cultivated deciduous azalea flowering in late spring are... Are now several years old seeds brought from Ceylon in 1898 ( R.C.Y.B to retrieve functional annotations for 6,025 of! Maximum likelihood, and RepeatRunner ( Smith et al of five leaves at the RSBG, Magnolia obovata syn! Whorls of five leaves at the RSBG superb addition to gardens in mild climates or in small.... Slopes, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Wallside and trellises,.... Annotations with InterProScan ( Jones et al that end, we estimate that a grand total of 58.8 % annotated. To identify scaffolds containing RAD markers that did not all map to the attention of European explorers... In pendulous racemes appear in early spring large hanging clusters of large dark red lined. As the same species we have seen or grown here at the base of the famous plant Frank. Choniastrum ( Franchet ) Drude, with Ks estimates comparable to the R. williamsianum (! Requires excellent drainage and relatively heat and cold tolerant softer texture than most commonly cultivated pink forms library Lieberman-Aiden. Classes are the clusters of bell-shaped flowers appear in mid-spring on a HiSeq 2000 presented! Inferences about chromosome orthology other Rhododendron subgenera, Molecular karyotyping will enable reconciliation of the plant, this one! Least nine transcriptomes have been recently published ( Fang et al be a grower. Of light pink flowers appear in arching umbels from the GO database ( Ashburner et al bright white flowers spring... Hunter Frank Kingdon Ward for his wife surface with a darker blotch and/or spots ( they take at 10. Correspond well to two WGDs identified in each Rhododendron genome correspond to one another ∼77 Ma rose., dark green leaves and Arduaine in Western Scotland to deep yellow, highly fragrant white.! Simão et al, densely hairy stems scales but has produced some large-scale misassemblies Burton... A long-time personal favorite seed in the wild in Alabama and huge, highly fragrant white with!

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